National Museum of Education

The collections

900.000 works related to the history of education

The National Museum Of Education collections are the result of the combination of the historical collections from the former educational museum and the national collection initiated by the Rouen CRDP in 1980.

Since the creation of the museum, they have been enlarged to more than 900,000 pieces related to the history of education in France dating from the 16th century onwards, thanks to acquisitions and donations.

Owing to their old age, diversity and their complementarity, the collections constitute an outstanding set of documents.

Artefacts and documents have been gathered: Paintings, etchings, popular imagery (12,000 pieces), teaching materials and school furniture (35,000), documents related to education by sight and then, audio-visual materials (45,000), pupils' and teachers' works (55,000), games and toys (3,500) and around 7,000 autographic documents coming from famous institutions or figures.

The collections are also composed of publications and periodicals : school books and other prints, pedagogical books and children's literature (1115,000).

Eventually, the museum houses very significant photographic archives (433,000 negatives). A detailed description of the collections is available to download.