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Bookings & consultations at the Museum
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The National Museum of Education resource centre is a conservation and research centre responsible for the material, documentary and scientific management of the entire museum collection.

It contains nearly 950,000 objects and documents in over 2500 m² of reserves:

  • Printed materials, including text books, educational books, children’s literature and periodicals
  • Work by pupils and teachers
  • Games and toys
  • Autograph documents emanating from well-known figures or institutions
  • Educational equipment and school furniture
  • Documents linked to audiovisual teaching methods
  • Wide-ranging photographic archives

The Resource Centre reading room

The room is for use by researchers, teachers, students, the media and anyone interested in childhood heritage. It offers open access to nearly 5000 reference works on the history of education, periodicals and standard reference books. It is equipped with computers, Wi-Fi and audiovisual equipment (vinyl record turntable, VHS reader, DVD, audio cassettes, reproduction bench, slide projector, etc.), and is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm.

The six major themes covered are:

  • A general history of education
  • A material history of education
  • Teaching and learning content and methods
  • Teaching resources
  • School traditions and customs
  • Children in the family and society

On-site consultation of resources is free and open to everyone. All the objects and documents in the online catalogue may be consulted in the reading room apart from bulky objects (school furniture), which may be consulted directly in the reserves and the school photograph collections (Tourte and Petitin), which are currently not usable.

Bookings should be made via the Documentation-Communication department, in compliance with the reading room consultation arrangements.
Download the guide to consult the collections on-site.
The document collection works in the reading room may be consulted on-site without booking and may be borrowed for a period of three weeks (maximum 10 documents).