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Name: Canopé-CNDP (Centre national de documentation pédagogique)
Registered office: Téléport 1 @4, avenue du Futuroscope, CS 80158, 86961 Futuroscope CEDEX
Tel. (switchboard): 05 49 49 78 78
Fax: 05 49 49 78 16
Legal status: public administrative establishment under the Ministry of National Education, for teaching and research
Director of publication: Jean-Marc MERRIAUX, General Director
Realization: Canopé-CNDP / Atomic Soom
Hosting: Canopé-CNDP
SIRET No.: 180 043 010 01 485  

Intellectual property right

The presentation and the content of the website reseau-canope.fr /d-day constitute works protected by French and international legislation relating to intellectual property. The substantive elements that are capable of being protected such as text, photographs, data, graphics, videos, images..., as well as elements of form (choice, plan, provision of materials, organization of data...) are the property of CNDP-Canopé in relation to the copyright and the production rights of the database. 

Under this ownership, Canopé-CNDP may use these different elements alone or with the agreement of the owners of the rights.

Therefore, any reproduction or representation, partial or total, on whatever medium, may not be made without the prior consent of Canopé-CNDP in application of articles L122-4 and L.342 - 1 of the  intellectual property code.

Exception for private use

In accordance with article L.122 - 5 of the code, the works featured on this site may only be used in a private context by the user of the site. Except for the legal prohibition of the private copying of software and electronic databases, any user has the right to reproduce an item from the site for storage on a single computer station for purposes of representation on a single screen and reproduction in one copy only for copying or printing on paper, made for personal and not for collective use.

Exceptions for educational use

Canopé-CNDP authorizes the entire educational community (pupils, students, national education and higher education personnel, associated institutions in France and overseas and French secondary schools abroad):

These rights are granted in the context of educational use carried out by educational organizations.

In the context of these authorizations, the users agree to respect the moral rights of the author such as the right of respect for the work (physical integrity, spirit of the work) as well as the right of authorship of the work (citing of the title of the work and the name of the author, its quality).


Canopé-CNDP, as the author and producer of the database that constitutes the site is the owner of all rights inherent to the database.

Therefore, in accordance with article L 342 -1 and following of the intellectual property code, Canopé-CNDP prohibits extraction by permanent or temporary transfer on all media, by all means and in any form whatsoever of all or a substantial part of the contents of this site, unless such operations are carried out for educational purposes.


Failure to comply with the strict context of the authorized exceptions above will entail a violation of intellectual property rights, unless the prior and express agreement of Canopé-CNDP is obtained.

This violation may infringe the copyrights, database producer rights or the two legal systems simultaneously.  This constitutes one (or more) act(s) of infringement as sanctioned based on articles L.335-2 and L.342-1 and following of the intellectual property code.

Any other use is subject to the prior and express authorization of Canopé-CNDP.

These authorizations must be requested in writing, by mail, at the address:

Director General of Canopé-CNDP,
Téléport 1, Bâtiment@4,
CS 80158
86961 Futuroscope cedex

Prohibited Use

Any marketing of all or part of the original presentation of the website and/or its content, to third parties and in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

It is expressly prohibited, even if the user is from the educational community, to provide to the public elements of the site through sale, exchange or lease (audio, video, graphics, and text elements).

The violation of these imperative provisions exposes the offender to civil and criminal penalties provided by law.

Hypertext Links

Links pointing to the site of Canopé-CNDP

The Canopé-CNDP website authorizes the placement of a hyperlink pointing to its content subject to:

In any event, Canopé-CNDP reserves the right to terminate this permission at any time if it appears that the link established with the linking site is likely to adversely impact the interests of the Canopé-CNDP.

As such, any external site pointing to the site of Canopé-CNDP and disseminating information of a polemical, pornographic, xenophobic nature is strictly prohibited.

Canopé-CNDP will not permit its liability to be engaged due to the editorial content of the linking site.

Links to external sites

Canopé-CNDP website may provide links that point to other sites, namely those of the Canopé network, official sites as well as sites that present a documentary interest and/or educational interest of the internet, the audiovisual and media sector.

These external web pages whose addresses are regularly checked do not constitute part of the website reseau- canope.fr/d-day: therefore, the links established by Canopé-CNDP to these sites cannot engage the liability of Canopé-CNDP, nor the Director of Publication and/or its editing in relation to any malfunction of the link or content distributed by these sites.

For other uses, please contact us via the contact form.

Trademarks and logos

The trademarks and logos are the property of the Canopé-CNDP.

Any reproduction or use without the consent of Canopé-CNDP would engage the liability of the user and would constitute an infringement punishable by the penalties provided for in article L.335-2, L.713-2, L.713-3 and L.716-1 of the intellectual property code.

Only reproductions and uses of brands and logos present on the site for the sole purpose of educational information may be made.

Contact Canopé-CNDP

For any requests or solicitations, you may send a letter to the General Director of Canopé-CNDP at the address:
Téléport 1, Bâtiment @4, CS 80158, 86961 Futuroscope cedex

Or via the contact form.


Nominative data

Any person whose personal information is available on the website reseau-canope.fr/d-day or is used in informational letters distributed and in forums, has a right to access and rectify the information in accordance with the "Information Processing and  Civil Liberties" law of January 6, 1978.

To exercise this right and obtain this information, contact the information processing and civil liberties correspondent of the establishment at the following address: cil@reseau-canope.fr

Any request to delete a mailing list must be made to the webmaster via the contact form.