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Intended for secondary teachers, this section provides exclusive resources related to Operation Neptune — the naval aspect of D-Day — and to the mapping expedition of the wrecks.

Brought together in the media library, these resources — images, websites, texts and videos — prove to be reference material for the teaching of history and technology.

All the resources can be downloaded.



Through the analysis of a specific case, D-Day, the Odyssey offers the opportunity to understand better a range of issues that arise from the study of World War 2 and of its consequences.


Technology teaching

D-Day, the Odyssey is an original case study about the conservation and appreciation of underwater heritage.

Technology teachers will find valuable material to study the systems implemented in the field of underwater archeology (acoustic imaging systems, submersibles, remotely operated vehicles, etc.).


D-Day, the Odyssey also provides an opportunity to initiate cross-curricular projects involving history, technology, languages, etc.