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Last update: 04/2015

General introduction

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Exception for private use

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Exceptions for educational use

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In the framework of these authorizations, users shall respect the moral rights of the author, i.e., the physical integrity and spirit of the work, and the ownership of the copyright (specifying the category and title of the work, name of the author).

The database

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The non-respect of the strict framework of the exceptions authorized herein without the prior express, written consent of Réseau Canopé, constitutes a copyright violation.
Such violation infringes impartially upon the author’s rights, the rights of the producer of the database, or both legal regimes at once, and constitutes an act (or acts) of counterfeit subject to sanction(s) in accordance with Articles L.335-2 and L.342-1 et seq. of the (French) Copyright Act.
Any other use requires the express authorization of Réseau Canopé.

Authorization must be requested in writing, mailed to the following address:

Chief Executive Officer/Directeur général, Réseau Canopé,
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Prohibited usages

The whole or partial commercialization of the original presentation of the site and/or of its content among third parties and in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

It is expressly prohibited, even when the user is a member of the education community as defined herein, to offer the elements of the site (including but not limited to audio, video, and textual material, charts or tables) to the public by sale, exchange, or rental.

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Links to the Réseau Canopé website

The Réseau Canopé Internet site authorizes the insertion of hyperlinks directed to its content, subject to the following conditions:

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In all cases, Réseau Canopé reserves the right to withdraw this authorization at any time if it appears that the link to the website may jeopardize the interests of Réseau Canopé.

On this basis, the establishment of an external link to the Réseau Canopé website by a source that disseminates information of a controversial, pornographic, or xenophobic nature is strictly prohibited.
Réseau Canopé disclaims all responsibility for the editorial content of any site linked to it.

Links to external websites

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These external web pages whose addresses are regularly checked are not part of the www.reseau-canope.fr/apocalypse-10destins website, and therefore, Réseau Canopé, its publication director and/or its writers disclaim all responsibility for the connection and content of such websites.
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Reproduction and use of the domain names and logos of the Réseau Canopé site are allowed exclusively for purpose of disseminating information in an educational context.

Contact Réseau Canopé

You may mail requests or solicitations to the Chief Executive Officer (Directeur général) of Réseau Canopé as follows:

Chief Executive Officer/Directeur général, Réseau Canopé,
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Or by e-mail to the webmaster at: boites.contacts@reseau-canope.fr

Personal data

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To exercise this right and to obtain notification of this information, contact the data protection and privacy adviser (CIL, Correspondant Informatique et Libertés) of Réseau Canopé at: cil@reseau-canope.fr

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