Apocalypse 10 lives - Learning resource files

Another way of studying the First World War

This bilingual learning resource is the last component of the Apocalypse 10 Lives application.

Ten theme-based files allow teachers to present the First World War from a stimulating new angle. The students explore interactive animated stories and consult archival documents, then use this material in study activities and worksheets in which fiction meets fact.

Follow 10 fictional but very believable characters whose adventures unfold amidst real historical events.

10 fictional Lives set against historical events

All the Lives

Learning resource files

  • The Arts and the First World War

    This file contains a text for teachers summarizing European and Canadian developments in the arts during the war. The three documents to be downloaded are: activities and worksheets to be done by students for the purpose of constituting a file on a history of art that centres on the theme of the First World War; the teacher’s version of the above; and a document(...)French school system: History, Arts, 3rd and 1stCanadian grade level: Grades 9 to 12
  • State Involvement

    This file contains a text for teachers summarizing French and Canadians viewpoints on the State’s Involvement in the Great War. Activities and worksheets (teacher’s and students’ versions) can be downloaded.French school system: History, 3rd and 1stCanadian grade level: Grades 9 to 12

All the theme-based files

The interactive experience

Immerse yourself in the maelstrom of the Great War

In this immersive experience, you’ll accompany 10 heroes and heroines whose lives are thrown into turmoil by the First World War.

Apocalypse 10 Lives is the web component of the documentary TV series Apocalypse – World War I, created by Ideacom International Web and CC&C. This unique interactive experience combines an animated graphic novel with authentic archival documents. Users live through episodes of the Great War in more than four hours of gripping narratives, complete with dialogue and soundtrack, two hours of archival footage, hundreds of authentic photographs, over 250 drawings, special effects, historical texts, and original documents previously unseen by the public.

You can also access this experience on your iPad.